Thursday, 9 February 2017

Testing, testing, 123!

Well, setting up a blog has been on my 'to do' list for a while....  why blog?  To share with all our nursery parents, music class parents, and followers of my research what I am up to.

I am quite a busy bee, and wear several hats, however a lot of them link, cross-relate or inform each other.

Why now?  Why have I managed to finally get organised and sorted with a blog.  Well, I have the privilege to be going out to Hungary on Sunday for a week on a study tour with the British Kodaly Academy.  I will be visiting kindergartens in Budapest and receiving lectures and tuition at the Kodaly museum and Kodaly Institute.

Rather excited about the impact this will have on my work - all of it! - what I can bring back for the nursery, my music classes, my research and my lecturing.

Several parents and others have asked me to 'blog' from Hungary and keep them posted about what I learn each day.

So here's hoping there really is 'free wi-fi' at the hotel, that I can work out how to use my new tablet, and that I will find half an hour a day to blog about my journey!  Do follow me, and see where I end up!

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