Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Just be...

Day Three
Absolutely amazing morning! Visit to the Palace of Arts, a very modern amazing piece of architecture, a beautiful setting in which to inspire music making, think Sage plus!!
We had the privilege of watching a 0-3's class for parents and little ones, not a dissimilar experience to the idea of our Monday morning do re mi music classes. Aside from the awe-inspiring setting, the session leader has not only taught for 25 years but grown the idea, having 255 'branches' across Hungary.
The session was delightful, with parents sitting round in a circle with their little ones. The focus was 'singing' and no props were used, although the leader played her violin and recorder at points. The parents sung with volume and a lovely selection of beautiful folk songs was used. One in particular had a very haunting melody that was just beautiful.
Ilona, the leader, spoke to us after the session. Her priority was music for the parents, believing that if the parents 'catch' the songs, they will sing these regularly at home and the children will 'catch' them. She was quite clear that it was NOT entertainment for the children.
This has led me to a reflection on experiences and the point of them. Over three days I have seen very different sessions with very different 'musical points'. Yet what did they have in common? What was at the heart? Three words come to mind: holistic, simplicity and enjoyment.
What seems to be important is offering different experiences, allowing the children 'to be', and not having pre-determined expectations of the outcomes. Unfortunately, this seems to be the antithesis of our current education system. Oh how I wish this wasn't so. At least for the four years children are with me at Do re mi day nursery, I will endeavour to ensure this is the reality.

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