Thursday, 11 October 2018

Autumn Adventures Open Day

Our new outdoor area is coming on well! The heavy work is nearly finished and then we can make it our own by adding those magical do re mi touches. We’d love to invite you to come and see it all finished at our Autumn Adventures Open Day on Saturday 3rd November.

Our open days are special to us here at do re mi because, as well as offering new families the chance to have a look around, they also enable all our wonderful existing do re mi families to spend the morning together in nursery. There will be lots of lovely Autumn themed activities on offer, including arts and crafts, and I will be running mini music sessions throughout the morning.

I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of the parents of nursery children and singing you a couple of our favourite Autumn songs! Hopefully it will be a great chance for you to experience our sessions from your little one’s perspective and also maybe learn a few of the words so you can join them in singing along at home as well!

It would also be brilliant to see some of our musical learning classes families at the open day. Perhaps you’d like to bring dad, grandma, or big brother and sister along to give them a taste of what we do here at do re mi. There will be teas and coffees on offer, and the chance to have a lovely chilled morning bonding with your little one doing while doing music, arts and crafts and playing outside as well if the weather permits!

If you’d like to join us, you just need to book a free ticket which can be done through the event link on the facebook page here Just a quick heads up for you as well that there is also a little incentive that the first 20 families who sign up for a ticket will get a free do re mi goody bag on the day! Now wasn’t it worthwhile reading the blog?!

We hope to see you there on Saturday 3rd November between 9 and 12. As ever if you have any questions drop us a line on the details below or on our facebook page. The open day will also give us a lovely chance to have chat in person so if anyone has any questions about musical learning or wants ideas for how to continue your child’s musical journey at home, come and find me on the day in our upstairs music room.

See you then!

Lizzie x

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